A lot of people have been asking how I’ve been doing and whether I’ve had any knee pain relief so I thought I’d post an update. About 4 years ago I posted a video of my swollen knees. I’ve been through a lot of treatments and a lot of aches, pains, poor sleep, kidney issues, chronic fatigue and digestive illness without this type of significant improvement. Nutrition and lifestyle changes have helped, but I haven’t until now seen this kind of overall improvement in my health.

About 7 months ago I found something new and started feeling a whole lot better. The best part is I started seeing the swelling go down in my knees. This video was recorded a few days ago right after I had been outside washing the car all morning. In the past my knees would have ballooned up after being on my feet for an hour, but not today.

Later that day, I went back out and waxed the car twice and then cleaned the interior. I’ve been doing daily walks for miles and doing more activity lately too. Last week, some friends visited so we went and toured downtown San Francisco and around the Golden Gate bridge. I think I walked more that weekend than the entire time I’ve lived in the Bay area.

Now that I’m feeling better overall, my next goal is to get some new scans to address the mechanical damage in my joints. If I push the exercise too much, my knee arthritis will flare up, but it’s nice to see the swelling and inflammation reside instead of sticking around forever. I also want to work on recovering some of the muscle in my atrophied legs. As you can see in this video there is still some inflammation present, but man is it better, and I’m really feeling so good about finally seeing some major progress!