Imagine what it’s like to run on the moon! I was nearly in tears the first time I got to “jog” on the AlterG. After seven years of little to no exercise, I forgot what it was like to take a leap and spring forward off each foot and then land on the next. Now I’m able to jog now for 20 minutes at 25% of my weight. It’s an unbelievable feeling and I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to help recover from injury or musculoskeletal issues. It is important to work with a physical therapist or qualified practitioner to help you get started.

Since I’ve been feeling less aches and pains lately I wake up and feel like working out so here’s a brief overview of my new exercise routine.

  • AlterG session for 30 minutes every 3-4 days
  • 20-30 minute upper body exercises with resistance bands every day
  • 1-2 mile walk every day
  • Physical therapy core exercises, isometric movements  1 day each week

I still have some inflammation in my knees but it is now alternating. Some days one knee is a little more inflamed than the other. In the past both knees were constantly inflamed all the time. Overall I now feel it is easier to move both legs. I have also noticed that I do not see increased inflammation after the AlterG sessions. Since I began using the AlterG I feel it is easier to move around and has helped me feel more comfortable walking downhill or on stairs. I’m hopeful that I can regain some of my atrophied leg muscles and confident there will be bicycling in my future!