What defines a bad tooth? Is it pain? Do problems areas show up on x-rays? What about meridian testing?

A week ago, I made it through month 2 of the Cowden Protocol, or suffered through it, may be a more appropriate term. Now I’m on to month 3 and things are not going well. Knee swelling is at an all-time high. My left thumb is inflamed. Both ankles are painful and stiff all the time. Elbows are tender and difficult to bend. Neck stiffness has increased and the left side of my jaw hurts non-stop, making even the softest foods difficult to chew. Meanwhile, I had a third jaw surgery for suspected cavitation and infection in space #9. I mention this because the last surgery was on the right side of my jaw, where my wisdom tooth used to be. It’s been over a week since the surgery and I have no pain at all in that area. Where I do have pain, however, is on the left, upper side of my jaw. I want to make sense of it, but frustration prevails.

All these aches and pains can be overwhelming, but I still have hope. It’s the hope that keeps me going, and continuing to pursue the source of all these symptoms. Ever since the surgeries, joint pains have increased and the addition of newly swollen joints has me questioning more than ever how much of a connection there is to infection in my mouth and jaw. I have little medical knowledge, but what I do know is how my body feels, and how it reacts. Lately I’ve noticed the biggest reactions happen every time I’ve had a jaw surgery. It feels that there is a connection to stirring up the tissues around the jaw and the amount of joint pains and inflammation.

Upon my last visit with Dr. Yu in St. Louis, he tested my meridians once more. This time my large intestine was abnormal, along with the heart showing low numbers. Suspecting dental related problems, Dr. Yu performed a number of other tests, ultimately deciding that I should have one of my teeth pulled, as it is likely the source of infection. He described it as “a bad tooth”. Perhaps infection spread from the wisdom tooth area into this molar. I don’t know. I asked him how sure he was, but I already knew the answer. There is a chance it could be causing all my joint problems or there is a chance it could do nothing but add up to another expensive surgery and the loss of a tooth that I’ll never again have the rest of my life. I consulted with my oral surgeon, hoping for a revelation, but all I got was a trustworthy, solid and honest answer, that he also did not know whether it would or wouldn’t help to remove the tooth. Both doctors explained that the ultimate decision to have the tooth pulled is up to me. So now I have a decision to make.

This is where trust comes in. I’ve been praying about trust lately. How do I trust God? How do I know what decision to make. Do I trust the doctors? Do I trust that God has provided me with honest doctors that have the best interest of my health in mind?

I’ve been reading this Scripture verse a lot lately. It reaffirms that I can trust God. It’s hard to argue with a passage that is so hopeful and encouraging. Especially when you’re surrounded by a world that often feels hopeless. I’d love a miraculous healing and all my joint swelling and pains to go away in an instant, but I also know that God can work through doctors, and medicine, and nutrition, and all of the resources we have here on earth.

Every day since my last jaw surgery, pain above tooth #15 has increased. The tooth itself doesn’t hurt so much as the area above it. Is this the infected tooth that’s causing all the havoc? Recent x-rays show nothing. Even a 3D CT scan could not reveal the source of this problem. Yet, meridian testing pinpointed that one tooth as the problem.

Yesterday I listened to the podcast: Extreme Health Radio – Episode 17 with guest Dr. Gerald Smith who spoke about tooth infections, cavitations and complications from wisdom teeth extraction. He describes how the microscopic dentinal tubules inside some teeth are approximately three miles long and that when a tooth dies from infection, bacteria inside those tubules can dump poisons into the body. These infections in the mouth can be responsible for 70-90% of all diseases, including arthritis. Maybe some day we will have the technology to shrink down to microscopic level and take a journey through those tubules to really see what’s going on at a microscopic level. We can hope right?

Until then, I’m continuing to pray about the decision of whether or not to have this tooth pulled. Have you ever known anyone that had resolution from health problems like inflammatory arthritis or other diseases after having teeth removed? I would love to hear your story if you do.