Castor Oil

Now moving into week 3 of the Salt C/Plus Protocol, I’m still at stage one dosage of 2 grams Saltworks’ Himalayan salt and 2 grams of PERQUE buffered vitamin C. Needless to say, I still feel pretty awful so I’m staying at this dose until my Herxheimer reactions let up enough to increase. While on the Salt/C Plus Protocol, it’s highly recommended to detoxify the body as one of the main adjuncts. So that’s where the liver comes in.

As I’ve been studying the digestive system in my nutrition classes, I’ve come to realize just how important the liver is. The liver is an incredibly complex organ. Perhaps the most important when it comes to detoxification. It’s the largest organ and is responsible for processing everything that comes into our body. Since it constantly filters our blood, one of it’s main tasks is removing bacteria, viruses, parasites and other infections. For someone with chronic Lyme disease or other systemic infections, it is critical to make sure the liver is getting all the support it needs. Aside from eating a diet rich in alkaline forming foods like fresh, whole, organic fruits and vegetables that contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, there are additional ways to give the liver a little extra support. I’ve decided to try a few of these methods along with my main treatments for the Lyme and coinfections.

Over the next few weeks I’m trying a few new methods of detoxification, attempting to target the liver and really give my digestive system a boost in getting out all the toxic die-off from the salt and vitamin c treatments. One of those methods is FAR infrared saunas. And since purchasing my own sauna is out of the budget for now I went in search for some local options. Surprised by how rare FAR infrared sauna services are in central Iowa, I finally found Thermography of Iowa. They specialize in holistic therapies for women with breast cancer, but were more than happy to accommodate me, a male with chronic Lyme disease seeking only one thing – detoxification. It was interesting to hear they also have on-site lymphatic drainage massage and other services like laser light therapy. I was also surprised to hear that they’ve treated other patients for Lyme and other infectious diseases. Who knew?

Another method for liver detox is castor oil packs. Since castor oil is bitter, it works to produce liver contractions and help expel waste. With castor oil packs you can place the oil on your skin and allow it to soak into your liver. I’m trying this approach because it’s a cheap solution and well, since I’m a student, budget is important. I picked up an 8 ounce bottle of cold-pressed castor oil at my local natural foods grocery store, Campbell’s Nutrition. I thought about using a small bottle from Walgreens but decided it was worth applying a quality oil to soak through my skin and into my liver. And it wasn’t much difference in price. The castor oil packs are pretty simple to make. You can use a small piece of cloth, preferably unbleached wool flannel, which I found most health grocery stores carry. You could probably use a cotton piece of flannel too. All you do is soak the cloth in enough oil to saturate it, pop it in the toaster oven in a glass dish for only about a minute at a low temperature and then place it right over your liver. To keep the oil from getting all over I used plastic wrap around my waist and put a few towels on the bed before going to sleep. The plastic can get uncomfortable after about 90 minutes so I usually fall asleep with the castor oil pack, then wake up, remove the plastic and throw on on old T-shirt before going back to sleep. A little annoying, but worth the effort for a cheap detox solution. I’m giving the packs a try for 3 consecutive nights, then 3 nights off, and doing that about 3 times. Edgar Cayce also has a good tutorial on youtube for the steps to take in making your own castor oil packs.

Aside from these treatments, I’m still on a dairy-free, grain-free diet for now. The majority of my food intake is from whole organic or chemical-free vegetables and I do take one liver specific supplement called Extreme Liver Support. The word is still out on how extreme it is on my liver. Look for updates soon and posts to Twitter. I’m looking forward to seeing some results and giving my liver everything it needs to perform what it loves to do best. Detox.