Due to an extended period of prednisone treatment for my inflammatory knee arthritis I recently developed a pesky case of thrush on the back of my tongue. The kind babies get? Sigh. Yes, the kind that babies get.

After 5 weeks of this annoying white stuff, irritation, rinsing daily with hydrogen peroxide, endless brushing and scrubbing, I had it checked out by my local family practitioner. He gave me some lozenges to take for a week but that only seems to work slightly.

Naturally, eating foods like lemons or grapefruit tend to sting so I’ve been avoiding them. Little did I know, those could be the foods that I need to eat right now. I stumbled across an intriguing article titled, “Acid and Alkaline-Forming Effects of Food and How Your Body Maintains a Healthy pH” that made me think twice about the foods I eat. To my surprise, fruits like lemons and grapefruit have a moderate to strong alkaline-forming effect on the body.

Lately I’ve probably had more processed sugar and white flour than normal and began to question whether that isn’t helping my situation. I do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but it seems as if every time I eat a lot of bread and meat together I get a subtle feeling of acid reflex in my throat. Dr. Kim explains in his article that normal functioning bodies have processes in place to keep your ph level in balance. Eating a lot of acidic foods can overtax those processes causing all sorts of problems. Maybe it’s time to back off on the boxed cereals, meats, cheese and other highly acidic foods since most medicine and antibiotics already have a moderate to strong acid-forming effect on the body. Perhaps keeping my body’s ph level in check will also prevent candida from surviving on my tongue.