It’s been awhile since the last post. Because it’s summer? Because I’ve been out of town almost every weekend for the past few months? Or maybe I’m just tired. Excuses aside, there is one big reason. My recurring knee inflammation has improved significantly. Sure they do still swell up from time to time, but I’ve finally found some relief. Last week I finally finished 6 months of physical and aqua therapy with the reassurance that I’ve gained strength in my legs for every test. I couldn’t be more excited. While I still can’t run or fully flex my legs (sitting on the floor cross-legged is completely out of the question), I can move around more freely, get outside and wash the car, walk up and down stairs normally, and though it may sound crazy, get up out of a chair or off the sofa without using my arms. Indeed, it has been a tough journey getting to this point. I feel much more energy and  have gained a few much need pounds again.

My rheumatologist in Iowa City has been extremely helpful, courteous and caring. While I continue my search for a complete diagnosis, all the docs will say at this point is “inflammatory arthritis”. Could it be early signs of ankylosing spondylitis or something more serious? It’s possible. At least I now know that with a little help from some medication with less side effects I can exercise enough to gain some strength once again. For now I’m continuing pool exercises twice a week and also tackling a few land exercises. Progress is slow but hopeful for now.