Ok, it’s not really a diet. Or maybe I just hate the word, diet. After months of experimenting with all sorts of therapies, supplements and nutrition programs, I began to wonder, how clean is my drinking water? My frequent flare-ups in my knees began almost 2 years ago which led me to the notion that maybe something sparked my immune system to suddenly go haywire. Was it excess mercury from eating too much fish? Perhaps it could be mold growing on the window sills in my home. Yes, I discovered this recently and realized that an in-home humidifier in the winter may not be the greatest idea. Then I concluded that all of my knee inflammation problems seemed to start shortly after I began a new job. Working at a desk in an office designing online interactive media all day ruled out a lot of the usual carcinogens that some workplaces may expel. But one thing I did change along with my new position was drinking a lot of water throughout the day. How could this be bad you might ask? The more water you drink the better. Or at least that’s what they always tell you.

Every day for the past 2 years I’ve guzzled down at least 2 liters of water at work, if not more. That water all came from one filtered machine which appears to be safe. However, my workplace happens to be located in a part of town where the water tastes terrible on it’s own. I could name a couple of nearby restaurants and I’m sure anyone that lives in the area would agree that the water here is awful. Initially this water, filtered or not, does come from the local water supply.

It’s a stretch to think that there might be some sort of coincidence between the water I drink at work every day and my health problems, but I do drink about 4 times what most of my coworkers drink while at work. And I believe there is some truth that genetic factors also play a role in how your immune system reacts to specific chemicals or toxins. So this is why for at least a month, I’ve decided to stop drinking all water that comes from my workplace and only drink water from one outside, filtered source. While I’m not a fan of drinking bottled water often, this is a short-term experiment, and it never hurts to troubleshoot something that is painless.