I’ll admit, I’ve been a little paranoid lately about toxins. After finding a significant amount of mold growing on all the window sills and patio door last month, and deciding to turn off the in-home humidifier indefinitely, I suddenly had all sorts of questions popping up in my head. Could mold be causing my immune system to freak out? Do my knees swell when I’m exposed to harmful toxins, bacteria or chemicals? Am I eating too many heavy metals with each bite of fish or vegetables? What about the air I breathe?

Overall I feel like I do a pretty good job of eating the most natural foods and staying clear from harmful chemicals or places that might harbor such toxins. But recently I’ve read that there are several other detox therapies that can help with an autoimmune disorder. Herbal chelation, nutritional therapy, massage, high-heat, intestinal cleansing and environmental controls are just a few. Fasting is another method I’ve considered, but don’t know that I could physically last more than 4 hours without a meal. I would be very interested to hear if any of these techniques have been successful for anyone with an autoimmune illness.