Last week I began a program at the the new local YMCA Healthy Living Center in Clive, Iowa. I thought it was time to do something about my leg atrophy and overall lower body muscle weakness from the past year and a half of not working out due to chronic knee inflammation. After meeting with a physical therapist, I decided to start the recovery program for 3 days each week. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice, helpful and concerned the therapists were and the facilities at the new Y are quite nice. Each session I work with the physical therapist in the aqua therapy pool, doing various exercises to re-strengthen my legs. We usually start with leg raises, step-ups and bicycle kicking and move to walking and even full jogging on the underwater treadmill. At first it was difficult getting used to balancing my semi-buoyant body weight under water, but after a few minutes it felt just like old times! Jogging under water is quite an experience and felt so great since I could feel like running without the heavy impact of my own weight under normal gravity. In my last session I was able to do a sort of sprinting technique against a heavy current. It felt so good to actually feel my leg muscles working instead of my joints. I’m looking forward to continuing the therapy sessions for at least several weeks. I’m hopeful that I will regain the strength I once lost without damaging my knees.