If I’ve learned anything from my experience with an autoimmune disease, it’s that prayer can be a blessing. I want to thank so many of my family and friends for their thoughts and prayers. I’m so thankful for the fellowship of those who share my trust in God, and that through prayer, and His will, I can overcome this illness. Listening to words of concern, thoughtful insight, and prayer have given me nothing but hope, confidence and high spirits every time I experience a downhill slide. And it’s those thoughts that help me push through rough times and move past them. Experiencing a hidden illness can be very depressing and extremely disheartening without anyone to talk to about it. I would encourage anyone experiencing a difficult illness such as an autoimmune disease, that sometimes seems hidden from the public eye, to not only seek those knowledgeable about medicine, but to look for those who are willing to share knowledge of God’s Word. For it’s that knowledge and understanding that keeps me determined and fearless that healing is possible.