I’ll admit it. The last few months have not been that great. What used to be weekly flare-ups that would last a few days and go away has turned into swelling in both knees lasting more than two weeks at a time. On top of that, my upper/mid back and left shoulder have been keeping me from much needed sleep at night. After some debate and a good bit of research, I’ve decided to take the next step. This week I started taking Serracor-NK (formerly sold as Neprinol). “What the heck is Serracor?”, you might ask. It’s a completely natural supplement of enzymes designed to help manage excess fibrin levels in the bloodstream and help reduce arthritic conditions, pain, swelling and inflammation. That’s a mouthful, I know. And I’m a bit of a skeptic, but after hearing from others with success from Serracor and no adverse side effects, I was sold. So far, I’ve experienced no drawbacks or irregularities after a full week on the supplement. It may just be coincidence, but my knee swelling has subsided quite a lot in the past 2 days. While maintaining, my rotation diet for another month, I’m committing to Serracor for at least 4 months. Research shows that it takes a few months to really begin experiencing the effects.