sitting_tableBy now, our wedding was only a little more than one month away. Since we decided to plan the wedding ourselves, it was up to my future wife and I to make sure everything came together on that magical day. Overall, I felt some stress from the planning, but was more excited than ever for the day to come. Day to day, I put the pain in my knees aside and focused all my attention on my fiancee and our wedding. This meant working out less and researching less. But I never gave up my quest for answers. I would still visit the rheumatologist or the lab every other week. Meanwhile, the doctor suggested increasing my dosage of methotrexate while still taking Mobic. So I did. He even happily invited me to the clinic a week before the wedding to get steroid injections and drain the fluid out of my knees to help numb the pain and make the next few days a little easier. I did this too, but the pain would not cease.

An amazing amount of joy kept me from even thinking about the pain in my knees at our wedding. To this day, the thought of my wife and her love for me extinguish even the slightest bit of discomfort I may have.

In the days following the wedding I religiously swallowed a daily dose of pills, hoping that the methotrexate would soon take effect. I was told that it can take months to really start working. After 3 months of waiting and worrying, however, I had enough. My body felt different, but not in a good way. Fever, chills, nightly aches and tiredness would occur almost daily. Spells of dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea would also appear while working at my desk during the day. And worst of all, I experienced multiple instances of depression and mood swings that I had never felt in my life before. The hunt was not over. It was time to keep moving.