I’m not opposed to using medicine, and I really think it can do wonderful things in the right situations. However, at this stage of my illness I wanted to at least try a more natural approach to healing my pain. For the past month or so my chiropractor, who I trust very much and is a great friend, advised me on a few natural methods to fight inflammation. I never had much luck with any of the topical creams or oils, but when he mentioned food I took a greater interest. This method followed the principal of re-balancing the ratio of consumed omega 3 fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids in my diet. At the time I knew that extra omega 3’s were supposed to be good for you but never really knew why. According to the research, too many omega 6’s can cause inflammation. And it was never clear to me that the body needs a ratio that is closer to 1:1 rather than the average where omega 6’s far outweigh the 3’s. I had already been eating lots of foods rich in omega 3’s like wild caught salmon, almonds, walnuts and flax, but I had not realized that foods like corn, sunflower/safflower oils, or grain fed beef and chicken were so extremely high in omega 6’s. Even whole wheat bread, the holy grail of all “good for you” breads is considered pretty high on the omega 6 scale.

This imbalance of omegas made sense to me. I had been eating A LOT of food while attempting to gain muscle mass during my workout routines over the past 10 years. I would eat plenty of lean meats, lots of vegetables and decent grains, but a lot of those foods were processed or refined. Could this be what ultimately caused the massive swelling in my knees and even the aching in my upper back and shoulder over the past few years? Well, it was at least worth trying to re-balance my omega ratio and of course.. no scary side effects!