I suppose a little explanation is in order about this one mysterious event I introduced in the last post. About 16 months ago, I was minding my own business, kneeling down in the bathroom scrubbing the floor as I like to do for fun on a Saturday afternoon (I’m kidding. Believe me. I like to clean but it’s not my favorite). Suddenly I heard a significantly loud “pop” and then a slight pain from within my left knee. While falling backward and resting there on the linoleum I was dumbfounded as to what just happened. The pain was not unbearable at the time and I wondered what to do next. Should I get up and brush it off? Should I go and see a doctor? First mistake. Since there was no redness, bruising or swelling, I brushed it off and hobbled around the house for the next few days because the pain wasn’t that bad.

Proceeding through the next couple of weeks, I felt like the pain in my left knee, or more specifically the upper region of my calf muscle, was subsiding. So I decided I should get back in the gym and start working out again. Second Mistake.

Before this mysterious incident I had been in the gym religiously. Six days a week. Weights and cardio. But since the infamous “pop” I had not been in the gym for a couple of weeks trying to let things heal. I figured the stationary exercise bike is low impact and should help get my range of motion back in order. That’s when I discovered I was dealing with something serious. About 20 minutes of low speed biking was all it took to realize that my left leg was swelling. Badly. I sat down to try some stretches and noticed my entire left leg from my knee all the way down to my ankle was puffed up like a marshmallow.

Immediately I went home and RICE‘ed the leg, hoping it was just the biking that aggravated things. From that point on, my knee(s) have never been the same. Falsely reassuring myself each day that my knee and leg was healing didn’t get me very far. I thought my leg had healed but each day I came closer to the conclusion that something just wasn’t right. After a few more weeks of stubborn intuition and encouragement from my girlfriend (who is now my lovely wife), I went to a doctor. The reason was not so much for the injury, but that I was now having trouble fully bending my legs at the knees. I could not kneel down, do squats at the gym or even mild leg exercises. And that’s how it all started.

The moral of the story: Don’t clean the bathroom floor!