Well, yes.. sort of. I should start off by giving you a little background information on me. To save you from reading 100 pages about my history, I’ll give you the short version. Fitness is my lifestyle. Living a long, healthy life has been one of my goals for quite some time now. Exercise and nutrition have become more than just a hobby and I live every day, striving for that perfect balance of eating foods that are best for my body while keeping myself in shape so that I won’t have to suffer quite as much later on down the road. It’s simple. Stay healthy now and you won’t regret it later. Or so I thought.

For over a year now I’ve experience something so bizarre and baffling, it’s driven me to the point of starting this blog to see if anyone else out there is suffering from a similar setback. For the last 10 years I’ve been into weightlifting, running, martial arts and yes, even normal every day walking! But recently I’ve hit a wall. All of my progress training and maintaining a healthy body suddenly came to a crashing halt last year after one mysterious event. After that moment my knees have never been the same. To say the least, it’s been a struggle living day to day with so much pain that I often lose all hope. But my goal is to connect those with similar symptoms of inflammation and provide any research I find to one day find a resolution to this maddening condition.