Growing up has quite literally desensitized me to the doctor’s office. I never had any trouble  when I was young. Sure, I caught the occasional flu bug or sniffled my way through sinus infections, but never a bone broken, and never any serious medical issues. Uncomfortable and hesitant, I went in to see my family doctor. It was no surprise that he didn’t know what to think of my swollen knees so he referred me to an orthopedic specialist. This is where it gets really fun. After a barrage of x-rays and range of motion tests with the orthopedic doctor, tests were inconclusive and he seemed to think there was no tissue damage, ligaments were fine and there were no signs of osteoarthritis. In other words, my bones were fine.

At this point I’d had enough with all the tests and doctors and just wanted some sort of answer or clue as to why I couldn’t bend my knees. Around this time, my left knee was pretty stiff and sore most days (most likely from the inflammation) and it was difficult to fully bend it, but walking wasn’t much of a problem. The most confusing part is that the right knee started to mimic the left. I thought maybe I had been compensating too much by walking around and putting too much stress on my good leg and that might be causing too much work on one side. Explaining all this to the doc led him to refer me to yet another doctor. However, this time it was physical therapy.