Planning a wedding in 6 months fortunately took my mind off of a lot of the pain I was still having in my knees. Yet, I was still determined to find a solution, or at least a clue to this madness. Reluctantly, I went back to see my family doctor and described my last few months and that I was still having pain in the joints around my knees.

It felt like arthritis. But wasn’t I too young for arthritis? I mean, seriously. I was only 31 years old and leading a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritional meals each day and had been exercising for the last 10 years regularly. At the time I didn’t realize what arthritis was specifically. All I knew is that it crippled those in their later years of life as the body breaks down over time. Little did I know that osteoarthritis was what I had in mind.

This time, instead of giving me some mild to moderate painkillers and sending me on my way, my doctor decided to refer me to a specialist.  A few days later I squeezed in an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who apparently specialized in these kinds of special situations. I had high hopes again. Finally, I thought maybe this was it. Surely an orthopedic specialist would have some clues. Half a day later and another barrage of x-rays and range of motion tests concluded that I had nothing wrong with my joints or my bones. The diagnosis? No osteoarthritis. This was the point where it was explained to me that osteoarthritis is a degenerative breakdown of cartilage around the bones – a loss of the cushion that helps keep your bones from rubbing together and causing pain. Ok, so I didn’t have that. One more thing to cross of the list. So what’s next?